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Mythology and Modern Psychology

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spyro_prime wrote in psychologia
The Pythagoreans believed in the eastern idea that the soul is divine
and immortal, and that it does reincarnate after each death.
It is imprisoned in our imperfect material bodies as a punishment.
The goal for all rational people is to break free from this prison.
The only way this can be achieved is by seeing and understanding
the true reality.

The Pythagoreans taught that the planets (including the invisible
Anti-Earth on the other side of the Sun), the Moon and the Sun
were fixed on great spheres of crystal, rotating around a central
fire. Their motions creates the exquisite harmony of the spheres,
which ordinary people cannot hear because they are too used to it.
The Pythagoreans made no distinction between music, mathematics
and magick. Music was found to be based upon subtle mathematical
laws, and so was magick. Everything in the universe follows
mathematical laws and is created out of the geometrical interactions
of the numbers, which are the true basis of reality. Each number
is holy and has its own powers. One is the indivisible monad,
creating everything out of itself. Two is the pure duality, perfect
balance between opposites. Three is the number of the gods, while
four is the number of the material world (hence the four elements).
And so on. This became the foundation of the numerology that the Order
of Hermes adopted.

"Everything is created out of the whole numbers.
From their ratios, differences and sums everything is made.
The spheres are arranged by their immutable laws, rotating
in eternal harmony. In the same way we can attain perfect
harmony with the cosmos by opening our minds to the truth
of numbers."


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